Youth Ministry

Our hope at Sharon Baptist is that we would teach our youth to engage with God in all of their life as they grow and learn how to walk with him on their own. We offer a variety of activities for the youth of our church to get involved with and grow in their knowledge, love, and walk with God. If you have any questions about our Youth Ministry please contact us!

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Children are a gift from the Lord and we care to partner with our families as they raise their children. We hope to engage our young kids with a fun and captivating environment, helping them understand the value of the Church and the truth of who God is and what He has done for them.

Middle School

We recognize that Middle School is often a difficult and rapidly changing phase of life for both parents and their kids. As they go through this time, we seek to teach our middle schoolers more about how they can engage with God and walk with Him in their day to life both with others and on their own.

High School

High school is a time when kids prepare to leave the home, and teaching them how to walk into college and adulthood with confidence in who God is and who they are because of Him is our chief goal for our high schoolers. Our High Schoolers are active leaders in our church, and there are many opportunities for high schoolers to continue their growth in God.


Sharon Baptist is passionate about caring for college students. As they prepare to enter their careers and make decisions about where their life is headed, we care to surround them in biblical truth and ground them in an understanding of how God affects every aspect of our life.