Our Mission

Sharon Baptist Church is committed through the power of the Holy Spirit to transform our intellect, courage, and spiritual consciousness to reflect the name of the One in whom we have been baptized.

Mission Statement Explained

Transform Lives through the Power of God

Sharon Baptist Church is committed through the power of God to transform the mind, body, and spirit of everyone who steps through our doors for His people to experience the blessings He has for the total person.

All aspects of each believer’s life should be transformed and set apart through the power of God. Each inward transformation leads to an outward change for each member and those they come into contact with to experience the goodness of God’s glory.

We hope that everyone who comes to our church is genuinely transformed to the Glory of God.

Our Vision

Sharon Baptist Church is a transformed community inspired to achieve victory in Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement Explained

We seek to be a community that is transformed through God and the work He did through his Son on the cross so that our people would walk in the victory we have found in Jesus Christ.


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