At SBC, we are committed to honoring our Lord and Savior through the public expression when one prayerfully decides to join our ecclesial community. Although we are cognizant of the myriad ways to join a church, the SBC family cares to embrace, love, and share with every prospective member during his or her celebratory moment. Since this is one of the most important relationships that one will ever develop, we believe it is imperative to share as a community in the spiritual connection between each individual and SBC.

Want to Join SBC?

Joining Jesus Christ's church through the SBC experience is an open invitation that we extend to anyone who seeks to have a relationship with our Lord and Savior and would like to be a member of the SBC Family.

Opportunities to Join

Following the preaching of God’s Word, we make available the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as one’s personal Savior as well as pursue membership at SBC after each worship service. We know that obtaining a relationship with Jesus Christ and His church is the most important position that you will take in life, therefore our doors are always open to those who are seeking fellowship with Christian community. Our Pastor, Shepherd’s Team and Membership Services Ministry are available to assist you in this process of coming into the SBC fold at your request.

Steps to Join SBC

  1. Baptism - After confessing and accepting Jesus as your personal Savior according to Romans 10:9, you will become a candidate for baptism. Baptisms are initiated on the first Sunday at the 10:45 AM worship service. All new members are scheduled to attend the new believer’s class prior to their baptism. We welcome you to invite your family and friends to witness the monumental moment in the life of your Christian journey.
  2. Christian Experience –In the event that the respective person has confessed Jesus Christ as his or her personal Savior and has been baptized according to the doctrine of this church, we welcome them to join the SBC family under Christian Experience.
  3. By Letter-When membership is being transferred from another Baptist Church and a letter is sent from the respective church of the individual.
  4. Assimilation Ministry / Orientation Classes - We believe that it is imperative that all who seek relationship with Jesus Christ and His church are informed of our beliefs of being a Bible based church and our responsibility of our Pastor, fellow members and campus. Classes are offered on prescribed Saturdays and all NEW members are required to attend.
  5. Right Hand of Fellowship - This prayerful acknowledgement is done on every first Sunday at our 10:45 AM worship to publicly welcome new members into the SBC family. Candidates for Baptism receive a certificate of Baptism and a reception in their honor will be held following the worship service.

*All dates and times are subject to change; therefore please check our website and/or weekly bulletin.

Sheepfold Ministry

In an effort to serve the growing membership of SBC, the Sheepfold ministry exists to passionately serve and care for each member of God’s church under the leadership of the pastor. The membership of SBC has been comprised into sheepfolds. Each sheepfold consists of a minister, deacon, deaconess, and ministry leader. Teams provide ministry support to include but not limited to hospital visitations, bereavement support or special assistance.
If you need assistance from your sheepfold team, please call the church office at 706.738.5240.
SBC stands ready to serve you!